The Princess Of The Never-Ending Castle - Preorder - Shipping Delay

hey souls,
we are so sorry to announce that we made our best to have last Kago's book ready and printed for Christmas,
but there is so much work to do on it and we chose to take some more day of work to be sure that every detail will be perfect,
so all the shippings for the preorder on the store and from Lucca Comics will be not shipped in 15 of December as announced but in 10 of Jenuary,
anyway I really want assure you that this book will be the masterpiece ever by Shintaro Kago,
we are translating a crazy, epic and detailed story in two languages: english and italian,
the japanese literature professor Paolo La Marca for the italian version
and the great underground artist Tetsunori Tawaraya for the english version!
we are taking care of every micro-detail of the book graphically and to be sure of an amazing printing,
so I just ask you'l to decide to hate us for the delay only after having had this huge book in the hands,
because I never say the word "masterpiece", just in very rare case, and this is absolutely his masterpiece, I have no doubts,
this incredible book is near! Thank you very much for your patience,
and if you are annoyed for the waiting please accept our excuse and a refund if you changed mind on the order.

*For everyone that missed the preorder with the special signed sketchbook,
you obviously will be still able to order the book (with no special sketchbook) as soon as we put it out in the store, 
precisely in 2-3 of Jenuary, along with the availability of all the incredible original artworks for sale,
so be sure to be subscribed at our newsletter to keep you posted!

in the while enjoy the super raw cover!

sorry again,
anyway soon!