BONEFOREST 2nd edition is finally out!

Hey souls,
finally we have it,
obviously all preorders from Lucca Comics & Games 2023 and from November launch have been shipped a couple of weeks ago and of course you all received your box yet (sorry for the waiting),
finally everything is in stock again
the game created by Michele Nitri and Helge Wilhelm Dahl
2nd edition
our first miniature game
here a short description for everyone don't know what is it:

a tabletop skirmish warband game,
18+ mature content,
a player versus player game,
average game duration 2 hours,
an out of the box game.

Boneforest is a highly challenging and tactical game.
Be loyal to your clan.
Do not abuse bile.
Stay focused.
Pay respect to the Swamp.

Prepare for perdition.

A game based on the
 "entropy 8 system"

Boneforest is a huge game, so no sense to put here all the pictures needed to show it, just give a look at:
our page product HERE!
and the unboxing video HERE!

first time, we produced 100 copies that sold out in about 3 days,
(so if you have a copy of the first edition you have something of extremely rare in your hands)
this time instead we produced a bigger run of 200 copies,
but it is selling very fast, so if you are interested don't miss it, because as you know re-printing process is very slow, it could take even a whole year!
Because it is an indie entirely hand-made product made with a lot of passion!
we also want let you know that obviously enlarging the production the miniatures are not produced by Helge personally, but we started to collaborate with Mindwork Studio, probably the best resin miniatures producer for quality, and they are from Italy!
Give a look to their store HERE, they have some of the most stunning miniatures around.

this second edition is EXACTLY as the first one for materials and gameplay,
anyway since this is our first miniature game we improved a lot with this second edition:
- some small graphic fixing in the rule book and it is also printed in a better darker quality (see video)
- we finally got the artifact cards printed professionally from a Polish producer
- miniatures are same quality but in white/ivory resin
- we made thicker tiles
- we improved the packeging of the whole game
anyway if you want the new tiles and you have bought the first edition, just contact us with your original order number, pay just for the shipping cost and we will send the new ones for free. Instead the rule book and artifact cards change just a bit in the haestetic, so if you want the new one you can just buy it separately at this link HERE and HERE

said that, follow the Boneforest on our dedicated instagram page 
and through our dedicated Boneforest blog HERE

in 2023 we were very busy confirming ourselves in games world, but from 2024 on we will have a lot of news about this game and we absolutely intend the expand the Boneforest project!

Now we are working on an huge amount of projects for 2024 and 2025, about comics and games, so stay tuned and don't miss our newsletter, because we will have only incredible news for you!


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