Skeleton Jelly
"I'm a skeleton Jelly..."
(the Mat Brinkman's cult character from Multiforce)

figure printed in 3D RESIN with black undercoat
each figure is handmade assembled, each piece is unique

size: 7 (h) x 3 x 3 cm
(10 cm tall with the box) 

limited edition of 100
(this is the second Multiforce character produced,
the first one is Battle Max Ace, available at this LINK,
these are just the first of a series of figures dedicated
to some of the cult characters from Multiforce masterpiece,
more in future!
don't miss any, when sold out they will never be reprinted!)

this item is shipped in a numbered plexiglass cylindrical box

art: Mat Brinkman
sculptor: William Genchi
printer: 3Dori
publisher: Hollow Press

*This item is very fragile, a courier shipping is required, if you will select an ordinary shipping during the order we are not able to offer you any assistance on any damage or postal delay.

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