the Princess of the Never-ending Castle - preorder


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the Princess of the Never-ending Castle - preorder

this is a very limited preorder of the upcoming new book by Shintaro Kago,
the Princess of the Never-ending Castle , it's an announced incredible book by the master of ero-guro Shintaro Kago.
It's the first time Kago wrote and drawn an unique long epic story of 192 pages in an HARD-COVER edition (A4 format), unlike all his books that as you know are collections of short stories.
In this book you will find all the incredible features by the master: ero-guro, splatter, virtuosity in panels creation, handmade patterns for background, all epic and all drawn in A3 size! (first time for a Kago's comic).

This preorder include a limited free short studies book to just 150 copies,
each copy was SIGNED by Shintaro Kago in Lucca Comics & Games 2019,
100 copies were for sale during the festival, and came sold out within 3 days of 5, and the remaining 50 copies were kept as exclusive of the Hollow Press store, so if you want one of these special preview copies hurry up, I really don't think they will last for more than a couple of days.

This special preorder include:
- a copy of the official book in English or Italian (please select the language in the item options), retail price = 30€
- a copy of the official book in Japanese language (for collector), retail price = 30€
- and one of the 50 copies left of this short preview studies book.
(16 pages + cover, b-w, stapled binding, A4 format), retail price = FREE!

*the official date of release is 15 of December 2019, so the item will not be shipped before this date. It's a preorder!

Artwork: Shintaro Kago
Editor: Michele Nitri
Graphic design: Marco Cirillo Pedri

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