U.D.W.F.G. complete set vol. 1-2-3 + Hollow Crew complete figure set

€325.00 €450.00

U.D.W.F.G. complete set - vol.1-2-3 + Hollow Crew complete figure set

U.D.W.F.G. vol.1 is sold out! About 10 copies left, the only way to get it with the full set is buying this item including the Hollow Crew figure complete set for a special price!

we have only "broken" figures left of Fork Imp & Friend, usually they are just detached from the basement, other are broken at the ankles or trident, anyway they are easy to repair with a simple glue.

this item include:
All U.D.W.F.G. issues published untill now!
Limited and numbered edition with official Hollow Press stomp.

Mat Brinkman aka Fork Imp & Friend
Miguel Angel Martin aka DEZxPLORER
Tetsunori Tawaraya aka Mr. Rotten Donuts
Ratigher aka Lowest Note Keeper
Paolo Massagli aka Scar The Weaver

Each set is composed by 5 resin figures , hand-painted, tall 15 cm more less,
signed and numbered on the base. Limited edition of 25copies.
Each statuette go with a dedicated box as you can see in pics below,
plus a certificate of authenticity numbered and signedby the sculptor
Marco Navas.




- TheComicsJournal (english)
- scenecontemporanee (italian)
- bastonate (italian)
- broken frontier (english)
- the bosidian mirror (italian)
- osservatori esterni (italian)
- studio tissue box (japanese)
- lo spazio bianco (italian)
- originalmente (italian)
- beelding cool (english)
- slowcomicx (italian)
- bastonate (italian)
- the obsidian mirror (italian)
- bleeding cool (english)
- comics tavern (english)

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