U.D.W.F.G. presents SHINTARO KAGO - Industrial Revolution and World War (9°ed.)


U.D.W.F.G. presents Shintaro Kago - Industrial Revolution and World War

Published by Hollow Press in January 2021 ninth printing - limited at only 350 copies (digital printing)
printed in an A4 format on 170g paper
32 pages + fullcolor cover (soft spine + hard frontcover and backcover)
german glued paperback binding

Foreword by James Harvey (the creator of the GAIMAN award-nominated short Masterplasty)

"You know Kago’s iconic image of a head exploding and it being filled with cheap plastic junk,
mass-produced goods? The reason it's horrifying is because it suggests that we aren’t that special. 
As a civilisation we mass-produce plastic shit because we are mass-produced shit.
We are a joke told through our pointless repetitive lives,
and it’s that black joke that’s at the heart of Shintaro Kago’s work."
David Surman, from James Harvey's foreword

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