back from LC&G 2019

hey souls,
here we are, back from Lucca Comics & Games,
as always a crazy festival, the hell, but a so intensive experience, we are so glad of all people visited our table, we got a new record on sales!!!

we again can't believe that Mat Brinkman won one of the most prestigious comic award in the World, a Gran Guinigi for his two masterpieces Multiforce and Teratoid Heights, and he got the award in his way!

and we want say bye to to all visitors and supporters with this collective picture
(only Jesse Jacobs missing, he left before, but he is present in the spirit!)

anyway, before to start presenting the new books, I want you notice about a couple of important updates:
- if you ordered from our store in the last two weeks, everything will be shipped this Friday, sorry for the waiting, it was impossible for us to ship before, by the way, if you you want add anything to your order to save shipping cost just let us know through our contact form.
- if you wrote us an email, please just consider that we will reply to everyone within tomorrow, it's a ton of mails but I promise to reply to everyone, thank you for your patience!


let's start with the new books:

- we finally have the new incredible book by Jesse Jacobs,
it's Baby in the Boneyard!
It's a story with an high sensitivity about a baby grown up by weird creatures from a psychedelic creepy world.

and I really want let you know how this printing was crazy:
it is printed in green pantone above a double offset spot UV white print, to get the green on this amazing "browny" paper called Fedrigoni Woodstock Camoscio, and finally offset black ink. A lot of graphic and printer job here!

* you can buy the book HERE!
** watch a video preview HERE!
*** and you can buy all the amazing original artworks by Jesse Jacobs HERE!
(hurry up because I think they will sell very fast!)
**** we have a giant and cool limited silkscreen too! Find it HERE!

- we have the new Danilo Manzi book, STORTO, he worked on it for more than one year, for a cool 192 pages book, this is definitively an Epic Fantasy Body Horror.
It is printed in two versions, Italian and English.

* buy the book HERE!
* watch a video preview HERE!

- I'm glad to announce that Mat Brinkman made a new short comic!
"Linchetto", a Tribute to a folkloric creature of Lucca tradition!
it's a "leporello" book by 8 pages total, size 35 x 25 cm, 35 x 100 cm when full open! GIANT!

* you can buy the book HERE!
(also don't miss to buy his two masterpieces if you didn't that yet: Multiforce and Teratoid Heights)
* and you can buy one of the amazing original artworks HERE!
(if you are wondering what is that brown stain on the right side of page #1, yeah, it's Brinkman's cat shit!)

- we also have a couple of small previews, they look like mini-artbook of studies, and both are books that will be released in fall 2020, they are Fingerless by Spugna, is new long book after Rust Kingdom and Crawlin' by LaurenceEngraver that will be a 144 pages comic made entirely with the scratchboard technique!

they are both, very limited prints, 250 copies for Fingerless preview and 50 copies for Corpse preview, if you consider that we sold a great part of the run during LC&G hurry up if you want your own copy!
* you can buy Fingerless preview HERE and Corpse HERE

- last thing, we have great news about Shintaro Kago, we are killing you'l with impressive preview pictures in social and now we are almost ready! I'm talking about the immense:
"the Princess of the Never-ending Castle - preorder"
this is a very limited preorder of the upcoming new book by Shintaro Kago,
the Princess of the Never-ending Castle , it's an announced incredible book by the master of ero-guro,
It's the first time Kago wrote and drawn an unique long epic story of 192 pages in an HARD-COVER edition (A4 format), unlike all his previous collections of short stories.
In this book you will find all the incredible features by the master: ero-guro, splatter, virtuosity in panels creation, handmade patterns for background, all epic and all drawn in A3 size! (first time for a Kago's comic).
This preorder include a limited free short studies book to just 150 copies,
each copy was SIGNED by Shintaro Kago in LC&G 2019,
100 copies were for sale during the festival, and came sold out within 3 days of 5, and the remaining 50 copies were kept as exclusive of the Hollow Press store, so if you want one of these special preview copies hurry up, I really don't think they will last for more than a couple of days.

you can buy this special collector BUNDLE HERE!!!
This special preorder include:
1- a copy of the official book in English or Italian (please select the language in the item options), retail price = 30€
2- a copy of the official book in Japanese language (for collectors), retail price = 30€
3- and one of the 50 copies left of this short preview studies book.
(16 pages + cover, b-w, stapled binding, A4 format), retail price = FREE!
*the official date of release is 15 of December 2019, so the item will not be shipped before this date. It's a preorder!

and we also reprinted limited run of his oldest books:
Industrial Revolution and World War (seventh edition) HERE!
and Tract pocket edition HERE!

that's all my souls