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Hello souls,
I really hope that you all are fine with the virus situation and that everything is getting normal again like here in Italy (at least slowly).
After this tricky period we start again with the publishings, luckily our shippings system never stopped going crazy just for a couple of weeks in March, but as everyone knows a press depends by several things, tipography, festivals etc.
I really want thanks all of you for your support and orders received in the past months of virus, you really made us feel as in a normal situation, keeping our mind busy at the work shipping orders and projecting our usual weird stuff.

Now things look going normal again and we choose to launch some of our projects we worked on hard in last months.
All products are in printing and in preorder, they will be shipped within 10 of July, but probably sooner.
Everything is ready in our store and with 15% off as for all our preorders, so let's start presenting the new stuff.

about Mat Brinkman stuff:
I'm so proud to announce "Multiforce Shit", this short small squared book is only 36 pages + cover, but I swear it was one of the most difficult books I never worked on.
Alex Schubert scanned all Mat Brinkman drawings, sketches and ads from Paper Rodeo zine, outside the main comic Multiforce pages. Marco Cirillo Pedri (Hollow Press graphic designer) went crazy working on it...
they were scans taken direct from newspaper style zines! Anyway we restored them all and lost tons of time to arrange everything in the best way, arrangement was shown to Mat Brinkman too, so you can be sure that even the artist is absolutely satisfied by the final result, an huge mess of genial things and really funny sketches!
(something you should really never miss if fan of the cult comic Multiforce!)

To read more about the details of this publishing visit our store, to buy just click at this

we also thought this was the perfect moment to launch something we were working for a long time, the fucking impossible to print Skeleton Jelly resin figure!
But now it's real, at this
to order.

something we needed to do, this is THE cult,
"I'm a skeleton Jelly..."
one of the most famous sequence in the  underground comic world.
The pictures you see in the store are just the test press, so consider they will be shipped with the usual special plexiglas black box, in laser printing.
Obviously much smaller than the other figure we produced (Battle Max Ace, you can find last copies HERE), this mostly because the artist asked us to keep the "real" proportion among the characters!
And this allowed us to keep the price very low, only 35€, and in preorder only 29.75€!!!
So if you love Multiforce could be cool to collect these resin characters, since these will not be the last ones, who knows what will happen in future, resin figure of bass cannon? the giant?
Anyway these run will never be reprinted, so hurry up!

and last Mat Brinkman thing: working on the Multiforce Shit book we were impressed by the power of a small drawing (just 3 cm tall), I imagined it as a giant size print hanged to my wall, in a creepy and psychedelic vibe. The graphic made the vector file, and we are able to print it
in GIANT size! 90 x 60 cm!
silkscreened by my friend Enrico from Strane Edizioni
(he is the main silkscreener of many great artists like Jesse Jacobs, Igor Hofbauer etc)
Silkscreened in black and fluo violet on Fedrigoni Sirio Pearl 210g paper.
Very Limited, unique run of only 33 copies!

signed by the artist
Available HERE!!!

about Al Columbia stuff:
as announced in socials we started to collaborate with another legendary underground artist, the great Al Columbia, we will publish a re-edition of his masterpiece "The Biologic Show" with some extra content.
But me and Al are feeling in a true tuning, and he is working on a new comic book just for us, his first comic after about 20 years of illustrations, you can imagine how I am excited about that, it's called "Cheapy the Guinea Pig".
So we asked to Al to make a special promotional drawing for this future project, I thought was a great idea to present him to some Hollow fan that still is anew to his art.
I thought at something of affordable, to be spread as much as possible, like a movie poster, 43 x 43 cm, offset printing, signed by Al in the back, for sale for just 27€, 23€ during the preorder!)

(the usual genius, note the labial by Cheapy...)
You can buy it 

about David Genchi:
thanks to the idea of a couple of friends of mine
Angelo Ascani and Matteo Contin, that asked to David Genchi to draw and describe his favorite twelve cadavers, this miniartbook takes form, "12 Cadaveri".
There's not much more to say about, just watch and read it!
We also thought according to the artist, since there are no festivals in this period and consequently no direct contact with authors, we thought to sell and ship each of them with a special sketch inside drawn by the artist,
yes, it will arrive to you'l sketched!
We felt this like a chance to feel more in touch in this virus situation.
The book is in italian language only, very limited,
only 100 copies, but within a week we will load in the item description an english version to read!

buy it HERE!
I want also notice you that all original artworks from this book are for sale in our store, some of them are really incredible, just look at this crazy couple, GG Allin and Zanardi (legendary italian comic artist Andrea Pazienza)

you can find the original artworks HERE!

last thing I want say, since many customers asked about that,
I'm able to announce that several out of print books are available again in our store, now you have the chance to grab one of these missed books!
(link to buy)
DIMENSIONAL FLATS (2°ED.) (link to buy)

that's all my souls,
stay safe
but never stop to loose yourself in the weird