Analwizards +random original artwork+
Analwizards +random original artwork+
Analwizards +random original artwork+

Analwizards +random original artwork+

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***this is the version including a random ORIGINAL ARTWORK from the book
If you just want the regular version buy it HERE***

The comic-game book by Genchi's borthers!
Fantasy, Trash, Nonsense!
Are you ready to become an Analwizard?!?

the average duration of a game is about 45-60 minutes,
but to 100% view the whole game you need about 8-10 hours of pure "fun?"

attention please:

*this item is available in both the languages english and italian, please select during the order

Play with the official "Analwizard APP"

published by Hollow Press -October 2022- first printing
limited edition:
1000 italian version
500 english version
off-set printing
stapled binding
a huge book by 96 pages, 23x33cm, all in full color!!!

Concept: David Genchi & William Genchi
Artwork: David Genchi
Editor: Michele Nitri
Graphic design: Marco Cirillo Pedri
Playtester: Simone Alberto Grifone

*** the english version has a missprint on page 9, the english text is overlying the italian text, but it's absolutely still readable, the error will be fixed in next editions.
View the fixed page HERE