the Princess of the Never-ending Castle (NON-HUMAN edition) + original artwork


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the Princess of the Never-ending Castle
NON-HUMAN edition
***special copies numbered from 301 to 333,
including a random non-human signed original artwork!***

(this version comes with a random signed non-human original artwork, very limited, Kago sensei made only 33 drawings for this special version)

this non-human edition is a version of the Kago's masterpiece
"The Princess of the Never-Ending Castle"
in a book of extreme quality for collectors.
new features compared to the first edition:

- larger size, this version is a "true beast",
25 x 35 cm size,
for a book of about 2 kg of weight!

- hand numbered in the inside front cover,
very limited edition of only 333 copies

- it has a completely new section of 48 pages: an interview to Shintaro Kago, going deep in the
"making of" of his probably best manga ever, the whole interview is enriched with a gallery with a selection of original artworks from the book.

there is also a "regular" version of this huge re-edition, NOT containing the exclusive non-human original artwork by Shintaro Kago, you can find one of the limited copies HERE!

and you can buy original artworks from this book HERE!

Unique long epic story of 192 pages
(+48 pages of "making of")
for a total pagination of 240 pages!
In this book you will find all the incredible features by the master:
splatter, virtuosity in panels creation, grotesque sex, rearranged historic elements, handmade patterns for backgrounds, all epic and all drawn in A3 size!
The Princess of the Never-Ending castle is his first long comic book.

this non human edition is available only in english

Hard Cover, 240 pages, stitched binding,
black and white offset print + full-color cover,
UV spot on the cover,
25 x 35 cm size!, and 4 cm of pure thickness!
limited edition of only 33 copies! (from 301 to 333)
printed on the prestigious Fedrigoni paper:
Arena Natural Bulk

*** this new edition has a completely new translation edited by the great comics journalist and critique Paul Gravett ***

Artwork: Shintaro Kago
Editor: Michele Nitri
Graphic design: Marco Cirillo Pedri
English translation: Tetsunori Tawaraya
Translation editing: Paul Gravett
Interview by: Paolo La Marca
Interview english translation: Iain Andrew Halliday

from Shintaro Kago introduction:

"This is a story about a world that splits into billions of endless worlds, just like the classic science fiction trope "parallel worlds".

Although tales of parallel worlds have been written in many media (novels, movies, comics, etc.) in the past, I think this story, “the Princess of the Never-ending Castle," presents a new way to demonstrate parallel worlds, which I have never seen before.

At the same time, this graphic novel also includes experiments in the language of comics. Please enjoy this work, which features in places several challenging innovations."

this book is fragile and expansive, since it's an high quality hard cover book.
Please, if you don't want risk any damage or lost, be sure to select the courier shipping during the order (trackable/fast/safe).
We are absolutely NOT responsible for any postal damage or delay IF you choose and pay for the ordinary shipping.


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