U.D.W.F.G. presents DAISUKE ICHIBA - Hospital train + limited signed print


U.D.W.F.G. presents DAISUKE ICHIBA - Hospital train

*Includes the special "Woman print", exclusive of the preorder launched in September 2019 and not included in the book itself. Signed by the artist during TCBF in Treviso, in the end of September 2019. A small bunch of copies left.

** this product is available in english, italian and japanese,
please select the language during the order.

Published by Hollow Press - September 2019 first printing
limited to:
600 copies (english edition)
300 copies (italian edition)
50 copies (japanese edition)

off-set print
printed in an A4 format on 170g paper
32 pages + full-color cover (soft spine + hard frontcover and backcover)
stitched paperback binding

Artwork: Daisuke Ichiba
Editor: Michele Nitri
Graphic design: Marco Cirillo Pedri
English translation: Juan Scassa
Italian translation: Juan Scassa

Humans simultaneously combine tenderness and violence.
If you peel back the face of a beautiful woman, you'll see it's clogged with visceraChoosing to create a work that is only beautiful would feel artificial. Thus I paint both. You cannot sever the two. The expression that results is a natural chaos. In my work I project chaos, anarchy, anxiety, the grotesque, the absurd, and the irrational. By doing so I attain harmony. This is my art. Put simply, I paint humanity (the spirit). - Daisuke Ichiba

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